Rosie’s Story

Rosie's Story

Me, Mom, and My Sister

 One of my earliest food-related memories is my mom’s cheesecake. I remember the smell of the graham cracker crust baking as I sampled the batter. I remember the anticipation that I felt as I smelled the cheesecake slowly baking. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I remember the cool smooth texture as I finally could indulge in the creation of all my mom’s hard work!

Like many of us, as I got older I longed for the simpler times of being young. I sought out a way to relive one of those memories – my mom’s cheesecake. I looked in bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants but found nothing that reminded me of my mom’s cheesecake. The combination of the crunch of the graham cracker crust, slightly sour taste, and smooth texture eluded me. Finally, I grew impatient and started making my own using my mom’s recipe and the same KitchenAid mixer she used all those years ago! I knew I had to share it.

We make our cheesecakes with the necessary care, love, and patience that are required to relive some of the simple pleasures in life. Just like mom, we seek out the best ingredients, not the least expensive. We take the time to slowly mix the batter in small batches, not looking for the ultimate in efficient automation. We spend the necessary time to slowly bake the cake to achieve the great texture with a slight caramelized layer on top. We hope you taste the care, love, and patience we try to put into each cheesecake. We think you will agree, that combination produces the Midwest's Premium Cheesecakes. 


But, why the name Rosie?! When I first became part of my wife's family over 25 years ago my nickname, based on my last name Ross, quickly became “Rossie”. As a joke, one day I made a t-shirt with “Rossie” on the chest. The problem was that the shirt was a little too big for me and it folded over hiding one of the “s”s. One of my brothers-in-law said, “That looks like Rosie!” - it stuck!

I have come to be very fond of that nickname because, to me, it represents family, camaraderie, fun, and reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

Rosie's Cheesecakes combines all those things - family, fun, laughter, history, great cheesecake. It represents a piece of who I am. I hope you sense that when you taste our creations.



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